1Stack overflow is the flagship site of the Stack Exchange Network created by two computer geniuses Jeff Atwood and Joel Spolsky. Stack Overflow is a free programming Q&A site full of professional and enthusiast programmers. Programmers ask questions, give answers, and collaborate on a wide variety of technical issues. It is basically a knowledge markets type websites, which provides information about a range of topics on computer programming. The website is a platform for users to ask and answer questions. Members can vote questions and answers up or down and edit questions and answers in a fashion similar to a wiki or digg.

Why is Stack OverFlow Unique?

Along with its mainstream java and JavaScript folks answering questions,  it also has some very useful sub-communities for embedded programming and enterprise development that aren’t really replicated anywhere else. There is a large interest embedded and enterprise than general Web development, from its user base. It’s a perfect place where mainstream web developers can now look beyond and tap into the internet of things and various other modern applications. 2 Stack Overflow is for Developers who are a breed apart!

According to a survey conducted in 2011 is that a whopping 40% describe themselves as web application developers while only 4.3% are embedded application developers. Most are building enterprise applications (32%) or web platforms (33%).It’s shocking how different the visitors to Stack Overflow seem from every other data source. In fact, StackOverflow developers stand alone.

How does it work? 4 It is a site for getting solutions to all your programming bugs and errors. It’s not like a discussion forum with a lot of chit chat. Good answers get voted up by members and rissse to the top, hence the best answers show up first and the bad ones at the end. So it becomes very easy to find your answers as it has been constantly been reviewed and accessed by users. The person who has asked the question has an option to accept the answer.


The types of questions you ask are Important

  •   Ask practical and detailed questions
  •   Try to be specific about what exactly is the problem
  •   Specify what you have tried and what exactly you are trying to do
  •   Avoid asking questions which are opinion based
  •   Also avoid very board and generalized questions


Tags are used to relate your questions to a set of topics so that a particular set of interest users can answer your question. You can tag up to 5 subtopics to your question.

5 You can earn Reputation

  • You score points when your questions, answers and edits get up voted
  •  You get a +5 for each up voted question
  •   +10 for up voted answer
  •   +15 for an answer accepted and
  •   +2 for an edit approved.
  •   As your reputation grows you get privileges to vote, comment and edit others posts.
  • At the highest levels, you’ll have access to special moderation tools.

13cvs Ultimately the main is to create best answers for every question.