Launched on November 8th 2011, One Time Secret is a website that creates a link which can be used only once. It can be used to send passwords or private messages or even PIN to others via email or chat. One time link is advantageous here as the data can be accessed only once, after which the link expires. It’s basically like a self-destructing message. This can give immense confidence to the sender, who is also assured of the safety.

Home Page


How to use?
Type a password, secret message or private link in the space provided on the site. If high-level protection is required, type in a pass-phrase (that is difficult to guess). Press the “Create a secret link button”. This leads to a new page where the link (which can be shared with others) is shown to the user.

The user can send this link. The viewer has to be careful, and must keep in mind that the message can be seen only once on pressing the link. An unused link expired within 7 days. The advantage is the website provides an opportunity to the viewer to reply with a secret message.


Safety Assured
The secret data is not analyzed by manual or automated ways. This makes tool safer than using email or chat tools to send private information. The website uses secure, encrypted mechanisms (SSL) when accepting and transmitting information. Security audits and updates are performed regularly on the servers.


Spotlight Features
Signing up for an account on One Time Secret allows users to set passphrases for extra security and also offers additional privacy options.

If the user wants to stay anonymous, the website provides an additional feature of creating a temporary email address . On clicking on this, the website redirects to
The website uses a blog which has a lot of info in an easily understandable language with various apt sub-headings. This guides the users in easy access of the website.
The website is open source and provides direct access to the Code. It also gives a link to the API (Application Programming Interface) on the homepage. This gives the user freedom to modify the code for personal uses.
One the whole, the website is a one stop place for sharing any message in a secretive and protected way while also ensuring that it is accessible only once!