New Year is here and so is the new CybrHome!

Today on the first day of 2019 we’re announcing the release of an all new CybrHome which is much faster and brings in several new features and powers.

You’ll see a completely redesigned homepage with many new sections like an activity timeline in user profiles, an explore section where you can see an overview of all curated content on CybrHome at one place and an alternatives page for our curated websites.

We also brought support for much powerful and customisable topic pages.

CybrHome now also supports curated lists of not only websites but also curated lists of books, products, people, videos and more.

So, let’s have a look at whats new in the New CybrHome in a little more detail.

New Homepage
The homepage has been completely redesigned and has got several new sections and features.

The New CybrHome Homepage

Here are some of the newly introduced sections.

  • Featured Topics
  • Featured Lists
  • New Users
  • New User Collections
  • Follow Topics (shown if user is logged in)
  • New on CybrHome (shows new topics and lists)
  • Recently Updated on CybrHome (shows updated topics and lists)
  • Featured User Collections

Check our new homepage.

We introduced a new section on CybrHome called ‘explore’ which lets you have an overview of all curated content aggregated on the platform. You can see all of CybrHome’s hubs, topics, lists and collections at one place here.

Explore CybrHome

Check explore on CybrHome.

More Content Types
We started with curating only websites but have introduced five new content types on our platform in recent months – Books, Videos, People, Products and Jobs.

A curated list of ‘Top Python Developers to Follow” made using a new content type – ‘People’

Therefore, CybrHome now supports curated lists of not only websites but also curated lists of books, people, videos and more. As a result of this, you’ll start seeing many such curated lists on our topic pages, hubs, search results and elsewhere on the platform starting this year.

Canvas Topics
Topics on CybrHome have now become much more powerful because of introduction of several new types of content (books, videos, people, etc.) on CybrHome and several new customisation capabilities in topics page which was made possible by breaking down the topic page into building blocks called widgets.

Because of this, several topics on CybrHome like Python and NITK Surathkal (which is my alma mater) now offer their visitors much more curated information at one place.

Python Topic Page on CybrHome,
Made using several different widgets in order to curate the best of python at one place.

CybrHome thus now unlocks many more possibilities for our topic creators and editors which was our primary goal when we started building the new topic page.

Activity Timeline
There have been significant changes in our user profile page, the most noticeable one being the introduction of an Activity Timeline for all users. Now whenever you open your or someone else’s profile on CybrHome, you’ll see a timeline of all activities done by them on CybrHome like upvoting websites or following people, topics or lists.

User profile pages now show an Activity Timeline

We also launched a handy little feature called ‘alternatives’ recently which tells you about all possible alternatives for a website listed on CybrHome. Alternatives are shown on the website’s profile page and there is a dedicated alternatives page as well that lists all alternatives at one place.

For example, see alternatives of Khan Academy on CybrHome.

Phew! So, that was all for now.

But we’ve planned several new exciting stuff for this year too and some of them are already in our pipeline!

CybrHome has evolved considerably since it was first launched and will continue to do so in order to become the ultimate destination for curated information on the web.

We wish you a happy 2019.