Last year we started making collections on CybrHome where we collect interesting sites that our users may find helpful.

Today, we’re happy to announce that starting today you too can create collections on CybrHome to publish your own curated lists.

You can create a collection for a variety of purposes like to save interesting websites you’ve found on CybrHome in it, for making your own personal list or to publish a list that others may find useful.

While creating your collection, you can provide an icon/cover and a description for your collection.

You can also chose to make your collections either private or public. Private collections are kept hidden so they are visible only to you while public collections can be seen by everyone including search engines.

Here’s how you can create one –

  • Login to CybrHome
  • Go to your user profile
  • Go to collections
  • Create a collection
  • Add websites to it
  • Save and publish it

Now, sign up on CybrHome and try creating your first collection!