We’re quite excited today to share with you that we’ve now worked on an improved way of organising website listings on CybrHome using something called ‘topics’.

Till date, all listed websites were organised into categories. Categories used to work like a simple hierarchy (category tree) that helped people browse the platform. However there were many issues with the way categories used to work which recently started inhibiting us from scaling our content. One of the major problem was that in real world any particular site could belong to multiple categories and even a category could have multiple parent categories but this was not allowed in the existing category system.

Now with the new way of organising websites i.e. ‘topics’, we’ve solved all of that and more.

While details of how that works might be too technical to put here, the new method of organising content using topics involved a new method of ‘topic ontology’. Use of topics for organising sites is simply much better, simpler and will enable us scale our content efficiently.

All the sites currently listed under categories have been moved to topics. For example, check Python Topic on CybrHome.

Topics also use a new, much simpler URL structure.

Dropping Categories from CybrHome
You’ll still get to see (and use) categories on the platform for a while but within a few weeks we’ll gradually start removing categories from all of our interfaces as we move towards using our newly introduced ‘topics’ across the platform.

The category URLs will be live for a few months after which they too will be disabled and/or redirected to topic pages.