Today, we’re further improving the way we curate content on CybrHome by introducing ‘lists’ on CybrHome.

Lists are simply what the name suggests. They are like small containers and will be used to curate websites under them.

Lists can go inside a topic or a hub or can even stay uncategorized to exist independently.

Some lists will have their own dedicated URL while others may exist without a dedicated URL.

We believe lists will add a significant value to our topics and the platform as a whole. Lists are certainly going to improve the experience of both the content curator (our editors) as well as the content consumer (users and visitors). Lists therefore are going to be an integral part of CybrHome’s future.

Lists in Future
For future we’ve also planned support for multi-topic lists, i.e. a particular list will be able to go into not only one but multiple topics.

Moreover, in future all sites will be not be added to topics directly but instead they will go inside a list which will go inside that topic. All sites currently residing inside topics will moved to lists on a future date.