Today, we’re announcing the release of something called ‘hubs’ on CybrHome.

Hubs are like containers that contain topics and may contain other content like collections or user collections in future.

Hubs will be used to broadly classify CybrHome’s content (primarily to organise hundreds of topics of CybrHome) based on their target audience.

Hubs will make it easier for people to browse CybrHome or to find topics that they might find interesting.

We’ve started with three hubs as of now.

  • Developers (which contains topics related to programming, software development and tech)
  • Startups (which contains topics related to startups, business and entrepreneurship)
  • Students (which contains topics related to education, career and students)

But more many more hubs can be introduced in future to cater to other interests like Sports, Design, Entertainment, Software, etc.

You can find all hubs on CybrHome here.