Since long we’ve wanted to offer greater customization support and more creative possibilities to people who create and manage various topics on CybrHome. So this time we took the opportunity to reimagine everything about how our topics currently work and look.

Unlike previously when topic pages had a fixed design and structure, all Topic pages are now made up of basic building blocks called widgets. A widget can be anything like a single video, a text box or a curated list of books. We’ve developed several such widgets; one for each use case.

New useful widgets can be added to any topic, unnecessary widgets can be removed and all widgets can be re-ordered and arranged within a topic page in any manner such that the most useful widgets can be at the top of the page. These enables a dynamic and fluidic design for every topic.

Python Topic Page on CybrHome,
Made using several different widgets in order to curate the best of python at one place.

We call this thing ‘Canvas’ to highlight the fact that topics now make use of a freeform design and can attain any look or structure.