The all new CybrHome with Social Profiles

Announcing social profiles on! Now you can share websites you love with everyone else. Whats new on CybrHome? 1. Now you can sign up using your twitter account or with email. 2. Social profiles. Have your own CybrHome handle to use it for sharing websites you love with the world.   Sign up and …

Now available on Play Store

Now you can find out top websites on your phone too! ūüôā Introducing CybrHome’s Android App – The play store for websites!     Download it here  

Mobile website is now live!

Now you can search + discover websites on your phone too! The mobile website for is now out – which is now leaner and faster! Check at or go to from your phone!

CybrHome Chrome App Released

We’re releasing our CybrHome chrome app today! Add it to your chrome¬†and get a shortcut to in your Chrome Apps Screen. Get it from the Chrome Web Store  

Introducing CybrHome – A platform for websites!

Today we’re releasing CybrHome – a platform for websites. We’ve been working on this new product for a while now and now¬†believe that this is just the right time to share what we have created with you and the world. CybrHome is like an organized library of websites where you can search, discover and explore …